SymNex was founded to bridge the gap between advanced technologies and their application in customer services

Human to Human

We are passionate about the continued need for human to human interactions. Customers will always have complex, urgent and important needs that can only be fully met through the reassurance and empathy another human being provides, even in a world where they are doing more and more for themselves.

Enabled by technology

We believe that new and emerging technologies provide an enormous untapped opportunity to more effectively enable colleagues to have these conversations as well as to help customers help themselves.

Delivering competitive advantage

We are certain that these interactions will provide one of the greatest opportunities for competitive advantage between organisations in the future, building and deepening customer relationships and loyalty.



Matt Smallman

Director, Consulting
Matt has more than 15 years' experience combining advanced technologies, people and processes to achieve breakthrough transformation. He has previously held senior strategy, design and delivery roles for customer services at Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group and led the ground-breaking implementation of voice biometrics for the Barclays Wealth division. He has been featured by the BBC, FR and Wall Street Journal and is regularly invited to speak at conferences across the globe.

Charlotte Smallman

Director, Finance and Operations
Charlie has over 10 years' experience as an accountant in both industry and practice and 7 years prior to that as an engineer and project manager in consultancy. She has been a key part of executive teams, providing strategic advice and presenting at Board level. She has extensive experience of leading and managing the finance and administration functions within organisations, including a FTSE 250 company. Her roles have included Company Secretary, Trustee and Treasurer.