We combine a collaborative, customer focused and data led methodology with our experience from leading and advising the world's most successful voice biometrics implementations to help you move from bright idea to real impact as quickly as possible

Our Approach

Our five-step methodology is designed to support organisations at each stage of their journey to improve the security, experience and efficiency of their customer contact experiences with Voice Biometrics. It ensures that you get from bright idea to business benefit as quickly and effectively as possible.



Make the Case

We rapidly build joint understanding of your current security and customer experience using our proprietary framework and collaborative approach to recommend the most appropriate solution and size the opportunity. We use this evidence to develop the quantitative and qualitative case for change, gaining the required support to progress.


find the right solution

We refine the solution to understand the key requirements of vendor and internal teams. We support you in understanding the Voice Biometric market, interpreting different value propositions and ultimately selecting the most appropriate supplier of the core technology. We work with your teams to elaborate on the organisational, technological and cultural implications of intelligent authentication, which enables the detailed planning required for refinement of the business case and commitment to invest.


Accelerate key decisions

Through our customer centred design process we work collaboratively with all stakeholders to rapidly agree the primary customer journeys, whilst avoiding distractions, to ensure there is a clear vision of what the solution will look and feel like for customers and colleagues. Through further iterations we define any changes required for more complex cases and to mitigate any vulnerabilities. All supported by our proprietary simulation tools to ensure decisions are driven by facts rather than opinion.


maximise impact

Whilst assuring vendor and technology teams stay true to the vision we support your operations, training, communications and marketing professionals to maximise customer adoption and internal acceptance. In parallel we continue to use simulation and collaborative methods to identify the most effective sequence of customer or business unit enablement, to maximise benefits and minimise operational impact. As you launch the new service we will guide you in interpreting the results, optimising the solution and embed the knowledge required to get the most out of your investment.


Maintain and grow impact

As a new service matures we support you to grow the value of your investment over time through extending to new business areas, services and channels. We also help you maintain the integrity and performance of the existing service through identifying and embedding the capabilities required in your organisation.