What is the Modern Security Community?

We are a community of practitioners working to improve our organisation's identification, authentication and fraud prevention processes.

We come together to share experiences in a safe environment, identify best practices and promote the application of modern security.

What is Modern Security?

Modern Security is a philosophy and approach that uses technological advances to maximise the usability and efficiency of security processes whilst still delivering the required level of protection from fraud.

Modern security technologies include but are not limited to Voice Biometrics, Network Authentication, Behavioural Analytics, Biometrics and device-based authentication methods.

Why should I join?

Membership gives you access to:

  • Virtual events where community members and experts share their experiences and answer questions.
  • Newsletter summarising essential news, insight and analysis in the field.
  • Online resources to learn about modern security best practices and issues



Membership is FREE and open to all employees of organisations evaluating, implementing or optimising modern security solutions. Members are free to participate and share as much or as little as they want.

Representatives of the solution provider, analyst and consulting community are welcome to sign up and access resources as associate members. However, some events are only open to full members due to the sensitive nature of the topics discussed.

To protect community members, all registrations are reviewed, so please use a work email address and expect a short delay whilst your application is reviewed.



Building a Community

The flywheel shows how we will achieve our mission:

  • We will create engaging content that
  • Informs champions on how to implement Modern Security successfully.
  • These champions will then be better able to deliver change in their organisations that
  • Significantly impacts their customers — delivering value and proving the Modern Security approach.
In turn, this creates more evidence and more content to support others. The more times we do this, the faster the flywheel turns, and fewer customers have to put with frustrating, time-consuming and pointless security processes.

Modern Security Community Flywheel


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