The Call Centre Security Experience Scorecard benchmarks your organisation's ability to effectively and efficiently welcome callers to your contact centres.

The first sixty seconds of every call can set it up for success or doom it to failure, but it's tough to get right.

You've spent a fortune on training and supporting agents to have the best possible conversations with callers, but how much attention has your Security Experience had.

We've worked with the world's most customer-centric organisations to improve this process dramatically and developed a comprehensive methodology that you can now access to help your organisation for free.

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The scorecard measures your organisation against

The 3 Dimensions of Call Centre Security Experience Performance


Helping callers and agents resolve the reason for calling as easily as possible without unnecessary cognitive load or distractions.


Helping callers and agents resolve their reason for calling as quickly as possible, including by themselves.


Ensuring sufficient security to protect your customers and organisation from fraud and maintain customer confidence and trust.

See how you perform against the three Dimensions of Call Centre Security Experience Performance

The scorecard will assess

The 5 Elements of the Call Centre Security Experience


Understanding the caller's reason for calling.


Understanding who the caller is claiming to be.


Ensuring callers are who they claim to be.


Getting callers to the right person or self service capability.


Enabling callers to help themselves.

Understand your Call Centre's strengths and weaknesses

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    Tell us what methods of identification, verification, routing, queuing and self service you currently use and how these processes currently perform. You don't need the exact numbers but the more accurate you are the more reflective the results will be.

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    As soon as you press submit you'll see your score against the three dimensions of the Security Experience (Usability, Security and Efficiency).

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