2023 State of Intelligent Authentication and Fraud Prevention

Hosted by:
Dan Miller
Dan Miller
Derek Top
Derek Top
Matt Smallman
Matt Smallman

Recorded: 5 Apr 23 - 12 watches

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Opus Research is a diversified advisory and analysis firm providing critical insight on software and services that support digital transformation. Opus Research is focused on the merging of intelligent assistance, NLU, machine learning, conversational AI, conversational intelligence, intelligent authentication, service automation and digital commerce

An exclusive first look and discussion of the results of Opus’ survey of 250 identification, authentication and fraud prevention executive-level decision makers. In this fun session, we covered the following:

  • What changes you and your peers have experienced and expect?
  • How priorities have shifted for the coming year
  • How the potential for voice self-service and telephone channel automation is constrained by poor identification and authentication performance
  • How many organisations have started transitioning to modern identification and authentication methods like Voice Biometrics, Network Authentication and app-based methods
  • How the state of cloud technology adoption makes it easier than ever to implement modern identification and authentication technologies.

The full report will be published in April 2023, and you can find out more at:  https://www.opusresearch.net


  • 00:48 - Introduction and background to the survey
  • 03:47 - What's happening with call volume, complexity and duration?
  • 07:20 - How have priorities shifted?
  • 10:06 - What is the automation opportunity?
  • 14:41 - How is this constrained by poor identification and authentication performance today?
  • 22:01 - What methods do organisations use today to identify and authenticate customers?
  • 29:32 - What is the potential for modern methods such as Voice Biometrics, Network Authentication and device based authentication?
  • 35:45 - What is the state of cloud adoption and does it help realise these opportunities?
  • 39:45 - Summary and final thoughts


Dan Miller
Dan Miller

Dan Miller has over 25 years experience in marketing, business development and corporate strategy for telecom service providers, computer makers and application software developers. Dan founded Opus Research in 1985 and helped define the Conversational Commerce marketplace by authoring scores of reports, advisories and newsletters addressing business opportunities that reside where automated speech leverages Web services, mobility and enterprise software infrastructure.

Derek Top
Derek Top

Derek Top is an analyst and Research Director, leading all editorial operations for Opus Research, a diversified analyst firm tracking conversational commerce and intelligent assistance technologies. For more than 15 years, he has been covering how transformative technologies improve customer experiences and producing top-notch, enterprise-focused events.

Matt Smallman
Matt Smallman

Matt is the author of “Unlock Your Call Centre: A proven way to upgrade security, efficiency and caller experience”, a book based on his more than a decade’s experience transforming the security processes of the world’s most customer-centric organisations.

​​Matt’s mission is to remove “Security Farce” from the call centre and all our lives. All organisations need to secure their call centre interactions, but very few do this effectively today. The processes and methods they use should deliver real security appropriate to the risk, with as little impact on the caller and agent experience as possible. ​​Matt is an independent consultant engaged by end-users of the latest authentication and fraud prevention technologies. As a direct result of his guidance, his clients are some of the most innovative users of modern security technology and have the highest levels of customer adoption. He is currently leading the business design and implementation of modern security for multiple clients in the US and UK.



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