Consumer Attitudes To Security Video Thumbnail

Customer Attitudes to Security: The Perception and Reality Gap

Dive into the CCMA’s eye-opening survey on customer attitudes to call centre security. Stephen Yap and Matt Smallman challenge conventional beliefs, revealing the real perceptions and preferences of 1,001 consumers.

Roi And Business Case Video Thumbnail

Improving Call Centre Security: ROI and Business Case Explained

Matt Smallman discusses the ROI and business case for improving security processes in call centre’s. He shares a detailed methodology on how to analyse current security measures, identify areas for improvement, and predict potential cost savings from implementing newer technologies like Voice Biometrics or Network Authentication. Matt also discusses the feasibility of these systems based on caller frequency and risk. The video also includes a live demonstration of an online tool which provides visualisations and calculations to help understand the benefits of improving security processes.

Implementing Voice Biometrics Video Thumbnail

Implementing Voice Biometrics: Realities vs Myths in Modern Call Centres

Explore the truth about implementing Voice Biometrics. Learn from industry experts how modern solutions are streamlining call centre operations while busting common myths. Ideal for decision-makers reassessing Voice Biometrics technology

2023 Call Centre Security Report Video Image

2023 Call Centre Security Report: Identifying Red Flags through Telephone Network Data

Understand the threats to Call Centre Security in the 2023 report. Discover how telephone network data helps identify potential red flags.

Mobile Authentication Video Thumbnail

The Power of Mobile Authentication: Seamless Security in the Voice Channel

Unlock the potential of AI and NLU for your voice channel with seamless security driven by mobile authentication. Our panel discussion explored the transformative impact of mobile authentication on voice channel security.

Battling Deepfakes And Synthetic Voices Video Thumbnail

Battling Deepfakes and Synthetic Voices: Safeguarding Voice Biometrics Systems

Explore the growing challenge of deepfake and synthetic voice attacks on Voice Biometrics systems and learn how to mitigate the threat.

Thumbnail For Understanding And Mitigating Voice Biometrics Vulnerabilities Video

Understanding and Mitigating Voice Biometrics Vulnerabilities

A guide to understanding and mitigating vulnerabilities when implementing Voice Biometrics for customer authentication in call centres.

Beginners Guide To Voice Biometrics: Transforming Call Centre Security And Customer Experiences

Beginner’s Guide to Voice Biometrics: Transforming Call Center Security and Customer Experience

An introduction to Voice Biometrics, how it works and how it can be used in the call centre to improve efficiency, usability and security.

Video Thumbnail For 2023 State Of Intelligent Authentication And Fraud Prevention

2023 State of Intelligent Authentication and Fraud Prevention

An exclusive first look and discussion of the results of Opus’ survey of 250 identification, authentication and fraud prevention executive-level decision makers.


Making the Business Case for Better Authentication and Fraud Prevention

A discussion with Mark Bramley, who led the business case and implementation of Voice Biometrics for one of the world’s largest banks, on how to make the case for change, both financial and emotional.


Network Authentication and Fraud Prevention 101 – How can it make a difference to your call centre?

An educational session on the use of signalling data from the telephone network to enable Authentication and Fraud Prevention. Including a question and answer session with Chris Wade from Smartnumbers.

Thumbnail For Maximising Voice Biometrics Adoption Video

How to Maximise Voice Biometrics Adoption – Best Practices from 25 million Enrolments

​Matt Smallman introduces the Voice Biometrics value chain and shows how it can be used to understand registration (enrolment) performance. Using experience from more than 25 million registrations, Matt covered his top ten tips for maximising Voice Biometrics adoption.

Thumbnail For Voice Biometrics And Privacy Regulations With Douwe Korff

Voice Biometrics and Privacy Regulations with Douwe Korff

Learn from one of the world’s leading experts about the key privacy regulations that impact Voice Biometrics implementation in consumer-facing use cases. Covering the key regulations from North America and Europe (BIPA, GDPR, CCPA, UK DPA etc.)

Thumbnail For Lloyds Banking Group Lessons From Implementing Voice Biometrics And Network Authentication

Lloyds Banking Group – Best practices from implementing Voice Biometrics and Network Authentication

Learn how and why Lloyds Banking Group combined Voice Biometrics with Network Authentication to achieve even greater levels of customer self-service and satisfaction. Andrea Ayres runs the team responsible for all automated voice services across the Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland and Halifax brands. Over the last eight years, she has led the optimisation of the service to be one of the most effective and efficient in the world, serving millions of customers every year.



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