State of Intelligent Authentication and Fraud Prevention 2021

Matt Smallman
Matt Smallman
2 mins read
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31 Mar 2022

SymNex Consulting collaborated with Opus Research to research the state of Authentication and Fraud Prevention as well as plans of large enterprises across North America and Western Europe. More than 250 executive decision-makers took part from a wide range of industries.

With such broad data, it was fascinating to see how different industries and countries have embraced different aspects of Intelligent Authentication simultaneously as COVID-19 drove significant changes in both customer and fraudster behaviour.

This report further cemented our view that modern security isn’t one size fits all. Different aspects of the intelligent authentication mix are appropriate for different industries driven by their security and customer context. While many organisations made short-term decisions trading off usability for security and vice versa, the general trend is towards deploying the modern security technologies that reset this relationship. The report identifies significant increases in adoption and plans for Voice Biometrics, Network Authentication and Fraud Detection, and Behavioural Analytics.

The report presents the key findings from the research and our predictions for the near term based on what these executives told us. You can get a report summary here and the full report is available to purchase from Pete Headrick at Opus Research (, +1-415-904-7666).

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