Voice Biometrics and Privacy Regulations with Douwe Korff

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Douwe Korff
Douwe Korff
Matt Smallman
Matt Smallman

Recorded: 9 Feb 23 - 46 watches

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Learn from one of the world’s leading experts about the key privacy regulations that impact Voice Biometrics implementation in consumer-facing use cases. Covering the key regulations from North America and Europe (BIPA, GDPR, CCPA, UK DPA etc.) Douwe Korff explained how meeting these regulations shouldn’t be seen as a barrier, but that compliance can help improve user acceptance and adoption.

Douwe’s presentation was followed by an open question-and-answer session hosted by Matt Smallman, where there were many interesting and relevant questions.


  • 03:10 - Introducing Douwe Korff
  • 05:06 - Useful Resources
  • 06:26 - Importance of Trust
  • 07:18 - Trust into laws - GDPR, CCPA, BIPA etc
  • 09:12 - Common Features: Openness and Choice
  • 13:42 - Common Features: Honesty and Respect
  • 15:07 - Compliance in practice: Informing
  • 18:50 - Compliance in practice: Obtaining consent
  • 22:16 - Question: BIPA and written consent obtained using website
  • 23:33 - Question: BIPA exemptions under Graham Bailey Leech Act.
  • 24:30 - Discussion: Differences between US and EU privacy laws with respect to employees
  • 25:52 - Discussion: Importance of informing users to maximise understanding and adoption
  • 27:15 - Discussion: Implications of EU privacy regulations on organisations dealing with EU customers
  • 28:52 - Discussion: Best practices for informing and obtaining consent from users
  • 30:06 - Question: Does Voice Biometrics when used for Fraud Detection or Prevention require consent?
  • 33:12 - Discussion: When does a recording in a call centre become biometric data?
  • 34:44 - Question: On imbalance of power in relationship when obtaining consent
  • 37:02 - Question: When changing or adding a new type of Voice Biometrics technology alongside one with existing consent is the consent still valid?
  • 39:25 - Upcoming Events


Douwe Korff
Douwe Korff

Douwe Korff is a Dutch comparative and international lawyer living in the UK. He is Emeritus Professor of International Law at London Metropolitan University, Visiting Professor at the universities of Zagreb and Rijeka in Croatia, an Associate of the Oxford Martin School of the University of Oxford, a Visiting Fellow at Yale University (Information Society Project), and a Fellow at the Centre for Internet and Human Rights of the European University of Viadrina, Berlin. He has carried out many projects, studies and reports relating to data protection for the the UN, the Council of Europe, the EU and the UK Information Commissioner. His most recent work includes a study carried out with Prof. Ian Brown at the request of the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties (LIBE) Committee into the future of EU – US flows of personal data after the Schrems II judgment of the Court of Justice of the EU (2021); several submissions to the EU on UK data protection law in terms of the EU GDPR (2021); an analysis of the pending EU Artificial Intelligence Act and the proposed Council of Europe Convention on AI (2022); and a briefing note written at the request of the LIBE Committee on the UK Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, presented to a LIBE delegation in London on 2 November this year. Professor Korff is also data protection officer and data protection/privacy advisor to the ValidSoft group of companies (since 2008).

Matt Smallman
Matt Smallman

Matt is the author of “Unlock Your Call Centre: A proven way to upgrade security, efficiency and caller experience”, a book based on his more than a decade’s experience transforming the security processes of the world’s most customer-centric organisations.

​​Matt’s mission is to remove “Security Farce” from the call centre and all our lives. All organisations need to secure their call centre interactions, but very few do this effectively today. The processes and methods they use should deliver real security appropriate to the risk, with as little impact on the caller and agent experience as possible. ​​Matt is an independent consultant engaged by end-users of the latest authentication and fraud prevention technologies. As a direct result of his guidance, his clients are some of the most innovative users of modern security technology and have the highest levels of customer adoption. He is currently leading the business design and implementation of modern security for multiple clients in the US and UK.



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