Lloyds Banking Group – Best practices from implementing Voice Biometrics and Network Authentication

Hosted by:
Andrea Ayres
Andrea Ayres
Matt Smallman
Matt Smallman

Recorded: 26 Jan 23 - 33 watches

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Learn how and why Lloyds Banking Group combined Voice Biometrics with Network Authentication to achieve even greater levels of customer self-service and satisfaction.

Andrea Ayres runs the team responsible for all automated voice services across the Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland and Halifax brands. Over the last eight years, she has led the optimisation of the service to be one of the most effective and efficient in the world, serving millions of customers every year. LBG’s focus on continually optimising the customer experience led them to implement Voice Biometrics and Network Authentication.

In this session, Andrea covered the following:

  • How LBG evaluates identification and authentication process performance
  • Background to Voice Biometrics implementation
  • Challenges and success of Voice Biometrics
  • Background to Network Authentication
  • Challenges and success of Network Authentication
  • Combined effect of both technologies


  • 02:56 - Introducing Andrea Ayres
  • 05:05 - About Lloyds Banking Group
  • 06:42 - The Lloyds Banking Group Interactive Voice Response Journey
  • 08:32 - Implementing Active Voice Biometrics, including discussion of Active v Passive
  • 12:06 - Implementation challenges with Voice Biometrics
  • 15:08 - Discussion: Active v Passive, and would you do the same again?
  • 20:03 - Improving identification rates
  • 22:43 - Implementing Network Authentication
  • 26:03 - Question: What about device-based authentication methods?
  • 29:11 - Discussion: Adoption rates of different technologies
  • 32:00 - Question: How do you go about setting the right threshold for Voice Biometrics?


Andrea Ayres
Andrea Ayres

Andrea is the Senior Manager for Automated Services at Lloyds Banking Group. Andrea leads a team of more than twenty people responsible for the design and day-to-day operation of the automated telephone channel for Lloyds Banking Group, the UK’s largest retail bank, handling more than 30 million calls per year. She has been responsible for introducing Natural Language Understanding, Voice Biometrics and Self Service capabilities into this channel, transforming it into one of the most effective services globally with consistently high customer satisfaction and efficiency metrics. She has an MSc in Research in Usability Engineering and over twenty years of experience managing the design and implementation of IVR solutions.

Matt Smallman
Matt Smallman

Matt is the author of “Unlock Your Call Centre: A proven way to upgrade security, efficiency and caller experience”, a book based on his more than a decade’s experience transforming the security processes of the world’s most customer-centric organisations.

​​Matt’s mission is to remove “Security Farce” from the call centre and all our lives. All organisations need to secure their call centre interactions, but very few do this effectively today. The processes and methods they use should deliver real security appropriate to the risk, with as little impact on the caller and agent experience as possible. ​​Matt is an independent consultant engaged by end-users of the latest authentication and fraud prevention technologies. As a direct result of his guidance, his clients are some of the most innovative users of modern security technology and have the highest levels of customer adoption. He is currently leading the business design and implementation of modern security for multiple clients in the US and UK.


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