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Company Description

Aculab provides innovative and creative solutions to the global telecommunications industry.

Aculab’s software and hardware is deployed in contact centres, healthcare, financial services, public safety, cybersecurity, and more. Aculab’s headquarters and R&D facilities are located near Bletchley in Milton Keynes, UK, with a technical and sales office in the USA.

Founded and backed by a team of highly experienced engineers, Aculab’s enabling technology serves the needs of automated and interactive systems, whether on-premise, in a data centre, or cloud-based, and merges its expertise with its clients’ aims.

With a deep understanding of the evolving needs of telecommunications, Aculab has been technically facilitating architectural changes for over 40+ years, catering to +1000 customers in more than 80 countries.

Aculab is an ISO27001 and ISO9001 company, placing its customer service, customer satisfaction, data security and data privacy at the heart of its company policy.

Products and Services

Ground breaking advances in Artificial Intelligence and the science of Big Data give VoiSentry the ability to identify and verify a speaker, rapidly and reliably.

Developed by Aculab’s AI and linguistics specialists, VoiSentry uses a proprietary hybrid approach, leveraging the best of state-of-the-art artificial neural network, analytical linguistic, and signal processing technology to achieve frictionless multilingual authentication, in real time.

Aculab’s VoiSentry is designed to enable OEM partners to add voice authentication to any telephony-based solution. Now, your business customers can replace frustrating, time-consuming processes simply by allowing their customers and/or employees to verify with their voice.

Across all market sectors, businesses compete in terms of customer experience. All seek efficiency and productivity gains. The simplicity and convenience of verifying or identifying a caller by their voice, as opposed to agent-led ID&V or knowledge and token-based authentication (KBA or TBA), provides seamless user interaction, while also offering time and cost savings for the end user organisation.

With the escalation in identity theft, fraud, and social engineering attacks, businesses have a compelling imperative to provide additional security in terms of access to user data, accounts and services, for both employees and customers. As well as verification, VoiSentry offers speaker identification, whether to help detect known fraudsters or to differentiate between trusted speakers.

Key Differentiators

  • Ease of integration – provided as a VM image that can be deployed on your platform of choice: on-premises hardware, data centre or cloud
  • Highly scalable – aggregating nodes to create a multi-node cluster offers you scalability and inter-node, intra-cluster load sharing
  • Robust architecture – unique VoiSentry infrastructure provides automatic failover and eliminates a single point of failure, enhancing business continuity
  • Unique passphrase – callers are free to create their own unique, user-defined passphrase for both initial identification and ongoing authentication
  • Flexible onboarding – choose from text-dependent, active onboarding of users using phrase repetition or passive onboarding during normal conversation
  • Cost efficiency – adding voice biometrics for authentication is more cost-effective than many people think and can deliver a rapid return on investment

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