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Auraya is a world leader in voice biometric technology with the mission of empowering people and organizations to interact and engage with convenience and security in all channels and languages.

Auraya has developed the next-gen voice biometric technology that delivers an easy to use yet highly secure authentication capability. Auraya provides its technology to end user-organizations via a global network of partners that incorporate Auraya’s voice biometric engine, ArmorVox, into their secure, customer-facing applications and fraud detection solutions. The ecosystem of partners delivers solutions in all industries including government, education, healthcare, financial services, retail services and telecommunications.

Products and Services

Current verification methods such as PINs, passwords, knowledge-based questions and one-time passcodes have become insecure and unreliable. Forgetting passwords and knowledge-based answers as well as switching applications to access one-time passcodes can often result in an inefficient and cumbersome customer experience. These traditional verification methods have become more insecure and compromise KYC compliance and privacy regulations. These issues can be alleviated with Auraya’s voice biometric technology.

Auraya’s core biometric engine ArmorVox is powered by an advanced AI that delivers best in class voice biometric performance. Armorvox can be securely deployed either in your cloud or your on-premise infrastructure and can be used in any language. Importantly, all customer data remains under the exclusive control of the client organization. ArmorVox combines text-dependent, text-prompted, text-independent and digit-independent modes and integrated speech recognition allowing passive and active voice biometrics in all channels for all use cases. Anti-spoofing capabilities protect against recording attacks and synthetic voice attacks, whilst channel compensation algorithms combined with patented speaker-specific background models and empirically derived security thresholding provide unsurpassed security performance. Additionally, with automated tuning features, ArmorVox provides the same high level of security and convenience irrespective of language, accents or dialects.

EVA is Auraya’s suite of solution templates enabling the rapid deployment of comprehensive voice biometric applications. EVA Web enables organizations to deploy a voice biometrics solution to access secure services from any browser. EVA can provide secure chat or messaging or access to your apps and sensitive data. EVA web allows authorised account holders to simply say the digit string displayed on their device to gain access securely and conveniently. EVA Web provides a secure and convenient factor and integrates seamlessly with all major identity and access management platforms like Ping, Okta and Auth0.

EVA Fraud Manager allows organizations to monitor and analyse conversations with agents or Bots and compare the voice characteristics of the caller with the voiceprints of known bad actors. EVA Fraud Manager helps organizations to detect and prevent fraud activities such as account takeover and multiple identities for one individual.

EVA for Amazon Connect provides an easy to deploy, fully-featured, voice biometric capability for Amazon Connect contact centres. EVA for Amazon Connect can be activated from the AWS marketplace for instant active and passive voice biometric benefits during the IVR and agent conversations. EVA can also be customised to deliver enterprise-wide use cases.

Key Differentiators

  • Guaranteed data security as no data leaves the client system for any reason at any time and all biometric data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Active and passive verification in the IVR, chatbots and messaging applications reduce the number of calls to agents and reduces agent-handling time for agent-assisted calls as the agent can have the verified client’s details ready on the screen.
  • Improved customer experience with seamless interactions on all channels in all languages with best in class false-reject and false-accept rates.
  • Next-gen security performance with machine learning algorithms setting empirically derived security thresholds to achieve auditable security performance for every individual on every verification
  • Fast and highly accurate real-time fraud detection capability using patented processes to reduce false flags.
  • Allow customers to create a unique digital signature for each transaction, helping to lower compliance cost ( KYC/ GDPR/ HIPPA).
  • Quick and seamless customer take-up rate with enrolment options such as enrolling new and existing users via browser, chat and messaging, enrolling users via historical call recordings or enrolling users automatically via the IVR or voice bots.
  • Fast return on investment with implementation delivery taking only hours or days, not months or years.