Company Description

Daon is an industry-leading provider of biometric authentication and identity assurance, for both the public sector as well as private businesses. The Daon research team of industry professionals with PhDs and decades of experience provides best-of-breed algorithms which are transformed into practical fraud prevention solutions for Identity Verification & Onboarding, Mobile and Web Authentication, and Contact Center Authentication. In addition, the Daon VeriFLY® solution provides health credential attestation for in-person use cases. Daon offers these solutions for deployment on-premises or via cloud-hosted managed services. Daon has staff positioned worldwide to serve a global client base.

Products and Services

The Daon IdentityX® platform consists of industry-leading biometric identity management products including Digital Onboarding, Mobile & Web Authentication, and Contact Center Authentication. The robust Daon biometrics portfolio includes solutions for active & passive voice biometrics with voice liveness detection, face biometrics with both active & passive facial liveness detection, and fingerprint and palm biometrics. Behavioral authentication methods such as keystroke analysis are also supported. For maximum flexibility and backward compatibility, Daon also provides a full scope of authentication methods including password/passphrase, PIN, OTP, and pattern as well as device binding methods using a mobile device or security key. For in-person use cases, the Daon VeriFLY® solution provides health credential attestation. Daon offers this entire product portfolio to a global customer base for deployment on-premises or via cloud-hosted managed services.

Daon Contact Center Authentication includes a Voice Gateway component which is connected to the voice network to capture voice samples for both enrollment and subsequent authentication. The Daon voice biometrics offering includes (1) text-dependent/active voice, which requires three utterances of a prescribed phrase for enrollment and then a repeat of that phrase for authentication; and (2) text-independent/passive voice, which requires approximately 25 seconds of speech for enrollment and then between 2-5 seconds of speech for authentication. Through Daon voice biometrics, clients have seen a dramatic reduction of fraud in their contact center operations.

Key Differentiators

The Daon Contact Center Authentication with Voice Biometrics offering, as part of the IdentityX platform, has the following key benefits:
  • Universal Voice Model allows quick ramp-up to support various languages without having to collect hundreds of voice samples for each language and accent for training purposes.
  • Multi-modal cross-channel biometrics allows the setup of seamless user journeys across channels using different authentication methods (e.g., temporarily switching from voice over telephony to facial matching via a mobile app as a step-up authentication to complete a high-value transaction).
  • Pre-integrated IdentityX® platform provides out-of-the-box end-user identity continuity across Identity Verification & Onboarding, Mobile & Web Authentication, and Contact Center Authentication, which allows for quick ramp-up from proof of concept to production, extending across all platform components.