Company Description

ID R&D develops biometric and liveness technology designed to simplify remote onboarding and authentication processes.

ID R&D’s business model is based on delivering core biometric technologies that are either 1) best-in-class or 2) unique to the industry. We do this by maintaining an intense focus on R&D and a passion for usability. As a result, we offer industry-leading performance with the top-rated voice biometric and anti-spoofing technology and the world’s first passive face liveness detection product which is IBeta Levels 1 and 2 ISO 30107-3 compliant.

Our unique products work across mobile, web, and telephone channels, as well as conversational interfaces, IoT devices, and embedded hardware to improve security and significantly reduce friction in the user experience. Enterprises, integrators, and solution providers in forty countries build on ID R&D’s best-in-class offerings.

ID R&D is based in New York, NY.

Products and Services

Naturally effortless AI-based Biometrics and Liveness

ID R&D is an award-winning provider of AI-based voice and face biometrics and liveness detection. With one of the strongest R&D teams in the industry, ID R&D consistently delivers innovative, best-in-class biometric capabilities that raise the bar in terms of usability and performance.

IDVoice™ – Text Dependent and Text Independent Voice Verification

ID R&D is a proven technological leader in the global voice biometric industry. IDVoice works with mobile, web, and telephone channels, as well as with conversational interfaces, standalone devices, and chips.

Our voice biometrics engine delivers exceptionally low error rates for both text-dependent and text-independent voice verification. IDVoice won first place in the Short-duration Speaker Verification (SdSV) Challenge 2021. The challenge evaluated Text Independent (TI) speaker verification in the microphone channel. ID R&D previously achieved leading results in the NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation which evaluates performance in the telephone/call center channel.

IDLive™ – Passive Facial Liveness and Voice Anti-Spoofing

Whereas biometric authentication verifies a user is a match with the authorized user, liveness detection identifies presentation attacks including the use of photos, masks, video, recorded voice, computer-generated voice and more to impersonate an authorized user.

ID R&D IDLive™ Face stands apart as a passive liveness detection product that uses only a single frame to accurately determine liveness. Very few vendors offer a passive approach because it’s extremely difficult to do well. Instead, they require command and response actions that ease the process of determining liveness, but at the expense of the user experience. ID R&D delivers high accuracy and low effort. The solution is ISO/IEC 30107-3 compliant, having passed iBeta Levels 1 and 2 testing with a perfect score.

ID R&D IDLive Voice

IDLive Voice combats this with advanced voice spoof and liveness detection. ID R&D was the clear leader in the ASVspoof 2019: Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge for Logical Access (LA). The challenge is the largest of its kind and was designed to test the ability to distinguish between human voice and a synthesized human voice.

Key Differentiators

ID R&D offers AI-driven voice, face and behavioral biometric authentication products and solutions that answer two questions when authenticating through a remote device such as a mobile or web interface:

  • Are you who you say you are?
  • Are you a real, live person or a spoofing attack?

And we do this in a completely frictionless manner with no extra effort from the user.

The answer to #1 requires an intense focus on performance and accuracy. The ID R&D team is using the latest x-vector technology and has developed data collection capabilities that enable highly trained deep neural networks and convolutional neural networks. In recognized third-party challenges, our voice verification accuracy and anti-spoofing capabilities are far and away superior to other vendors.

The answer to question #2 is critical. ID R&D is the first and only company in the world today to combat sophisticated spoofing attacks on facial recognition systems with truly passive facial liveness detection. This technology works in the background once a customer has enrolled to eliminate the need for active participation such as blinking, head turning, moving the mobile phone, etc. This not only improves the user experience but is also transparent to fraudsters.

Our products can be used standalone or in combination with outcomes ranging from turning a traditional login and password process into a 2FA with no additional user effort to creating a completely passwordless and effortless user authentication experience.