Company Description

The LumenVox Technology Stack is a modular, holistic toolbox for providing full speech and voice biometrics capabilities to transform and power the conversational AI customer experience. Our flexible and cost-effective technology enables you to create effortless, secure self-service and customer- agent interactions. We provide a complete suite of speech and authentication technology to make customer relations faster, stronger and safer than ever before. Our expertise is extensive— we support a multitude of applications for voice biometrics, inclusive of passive and active authentication for fraud detection. And we do it all by putting you and your customers first.

Products and Services

State-of-the-Art LumenVox Biometric Engine

LumenVox has developed a state-of-the-art proprietary voice biometrics engine for passive and active voice biometric authentication inclusive of native multifactor and multi-tenancy support, with regular version updates. LumenVox voice biometric authentication provides for rapid delivery with a simple REST API, and a prebuilt agent interface for on-the-go testing. The engine may be delivered via cloud, premise, or hybrid models.

Active Voice Biometric Authentication: Text-dependent & text-prompted voice authentication for in-app or IVR usage. LumenVox active voice biometrics increases IVR containment while simultaneously improving security. Mobile applications may integrate LumenVox active voice biometrics as step-up authentication, part of a multifactor solution, or as a point solution, such as automated password reset.

  • Sample Use Case: LumenVox Multifactor Password Reset: Self-service password resets reduces cost from $25 down to $1 for each request and deflect up to 85% of password-related helpdesk inquiries.

Passive Voice Biometrics: Text-independent voice biometric authentication tailored for passive applications LumenVox Passive Voice Biometrics authenticates users during natural conversation with a live agent, reducing agent handle time, while increasing security.

  • Sample Use Case: Contact Center Authentication: For the contact center, Passive Voice Biometric Authentication can eliminate the need for interrogation and instead start the conversation on a positive During a natural conversation between a customer and a contact center agent, a voiceprint is created, requiring no effort from the caller. On subsequent calls, the caller’s claimed identity is quickly authenticated without the need for personal or confidential information. This effortless voice biometric authentication process stands in stark contrast to the painful security practices associated with ‘traditional authentication methods’ and is proven to have an immense, positive impact on the customer experience. Passive Voice Biometric Authentication can be customized within a solution to perform many applications, includingRunning a fraudster watchlist background check, and alerting the agent in real time, stopping fraudsters at their entry point.

Our Complete Stack: The complete LumenVox voice technology stack is one of the most responsive and accurate collections of speech and authentication solutions on the market. We power seamless Automatic Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Transcription, Call Progress Analysis and frictionless biometric authentication with superior technical support.

From installation services and basic troubleshooting, to advanced application design, we can make your application a success. Our business-friendly attitude ensures deployment is fast and easy: Purchase any LumenVox technology and begin developing your application in minutes.

Key Differentiators

  • Universal Voiceprint: capability to utilize one passively created voiceprint for multi-modal use.
  • Proprietary audio pre-processing algorithms provide more accurate results in challenging environments.
  • Integrating with the LumenVox Authentication Platform solution is flexible – either through SIP, VoiceXML/CCXML, our mobile application framework, or directly with our REST APIs.
  • Flexible licensing and pricing structures enable LumenVox customers and partners to rapidly deploy and scale its Voice technology products for faster time to market and a more competitive total cost of ownership.
  • Robust integrated voice technology stack inclusive of ASR, TTS, Call Progress Analysis, and Active/Passive Voice Biometrics.
  • Platform agnostic with superior management tools that are easy to deploy, monitor and
  • Real time fraud detection: Capability to maintain a watchlist of known fraudsters and alert the agent in real time.
  • Trusted by world class partners as demonstrated by our Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner status, inclusion in Genesys Appfoundry, and Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner “Avaya Compliant” rating.