Company Description

Founded in 2006, Phonexia is an innovative software company that solves everyday challenges through voice biometrics and speech recognition. Having a close relationship with a renowned speech research group at the Brno University of Technology, Phonexia is transforming the latest scientific breakthroughs into the everyday reality of highly accurate, AI-powered speech processing and voice biometrics products. Phonexia’s portfolio offers solutions for the commercial sector, such as instant voice biometric authentication of clients in contact centers and near real-time identification of fraudsters by voice, as well as solutions for the governmental sector used in over 60 countries worldwide.

Products and Services

Phonexia Voice Verify is a market-leading voice verification solution for contact centers in banks and insurance, telco, and utilities companies, as well as for conversational AI interfaces, such as voicebots. Powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Phonexia Voice Verify can verify a client’s voice after only three seconds of free speech with over 96% accuracy out of the box (tested on a real bank’s contact center data). This market-unique ability enables businesses to reduce contact center costs significantly, compared to lengthy client authentication over the phone, while improving customer experience and account security at the same time.

Key Differentiators

3-Second Verification​

  • Phonexia’s voice biometrics can verify clients in just 3 seconds of free speech with over 96% accuracy out of the box. The accuracy improves further after calibration or longer speech.

Quick to Evaluate​

  • With Phonexia’s customer-centric approach, you can receive an online demo today, and finish a PoC in a matter of weeks.

Support that Cares​

  • Phonexia’s in-house support engineers actively exchange expertise with development teams, enabling them to offer faster and better help.