Company Description

Prove is the modern way for businesses to enable their customers to prove their identities with just a phone. We offer phone-centric solutions that enable our customers to acquire new consumers and engage with their existing consumers by removing friction while bolstering security and enhancing consumer privacy and consumer choice. Prove is purpose-built for a mobile-centric world, modernizing the way consumers prove who they are with ease, accuracy, and privacy – allowing businesses to focus on revenue, service, and economic empowerment. Our solutions are used by more than 1,000 businesses across diversified industries, including banks, financial services, healthcare, insurance, and e-commerce.

Products and Services

  • Prove Pre-Fill™: Allows companies to expedite account opening and registrations by pre-populating a form with identity information tied to a phone number, while also helping to thwart against bad actors.
  • Fonebook™: A real-time registry of phone identity tokens that helps companies manage their customers’ phone numbers, devices and other identity attributes. Reduces operating expenses while increasing customer satisfaction and lifetime value.
  • Prove Identity™: Prove Identity helps companies verify consumer identities by validating consumer provided information and confirming that they are in fact in possession of the phone they rightfully own.
  • Trust Portal®: Allows a company’s call center to authenticate a consumer using a phone number, or allows a company to perform an internal offline investigation of a phone number, as approved in the Use Case Documentation.
  • ProveAuth™: A mobile-first authentication solution that allows for passwordless login and/or a seamless second-factor method of authentication. Can fall back to traditional methods of authentication when needed. Advanced behavioral biometrics are also available for high-risk scenarios.
  • Mobile Auth™: Provides a real-time, passive authentication by verifying the mobile phone number assigned to the SIM card.
  • Instant Link™: An authentication service that allows a company to issue a clickable link embedded in an SMS, which proves possession of a mobile number.
  • SMS OTP: An authentication service that allows a company to issue a one-time passcode (OTP) via SMS.
  • Voice OTP: An authentication service that allows a company to issue a one-time passcode (OTP) via a voice call.
  • Trust Score®: A real-time score of behavioral risk, assigned to a phone identity token and phone number of the company’s customer.
  • PushAuth®: An authentication service that leverages an encryption key stored securely on a device and associated with a Prove identity token. Consumers receive a push notification prompting for an answer. Companies can optionally require additional consumer authentication from the device, eg. face/finger biometric or PIN. It also enables silent authentication, which can verify possession of a registered device completely seamlessly to the consumer while in the app.
  • MotionAuth™: Authenticates a consumer with device motion signals, e.g. gait, verifying that the user attempting access is the same consumer who is registered to use the device.
    Voice Biometrics: Places a phone call, on behalf of our customers, to the end-user to authenticate via biometrics (voice).

Key Differentiators

Prove Pre-Fill™

  • Prove’s digital identity tokens prevent six categories of identity fraud, such as synthetic identities and true name fraud
  • Tokens have longitudinal Trust Scores that measure real-time behavioral risk
  • Tokens are consent-driven and authenticated with secure encryption keys
  • Prove Pre-Fill data is compliant with regulatory requirements, such as KYC/AML at no additional cost

Prove Identity™

  • Prove identifies and authenticates consumers through their phone by leveraging Prove Identity Tokens
  • Prove Identity Tokens are the root of a powerful identity graph that reduces friction for a seamless customer experience
  • Encryption keys such as registered SIM cards maximize the security of tokens
  • The Trust Score™ allows for the most accurate decisions by measuring behavioral risk
  • Machine learning bolsters assurance levels with each transaction


  • Leverages Prove’s Phone Identity Network™ of over a billion identity tokens that are the most accurate digital identifiers for consumers
  • This powerful identity graph allows Fonebook to enrich ownership data by finding verified attributes for customers
  • Persists phone lifecycle events reducing the need to re-enroll when consumers get new phones, providing immediate ROI on phone management
  • Uses self-learning tokens to power assurance levels and tenure, bolstering ability to contact customers

Trust Portal®

  • Expedite manual reviews to assess risk more rapidly to better service consumers and prevent fraud.
  • Eliminate IT dependency and directly access Prove’s capabilities with an intuitive, GUI-based experience.
  • Accelerate time to value with a SaaS-based, full-featured portal ready for immediate use.


  • Binding the authenticators with PRO creates strong confidence in ongoing authentication
  • Based on strong encryption on the mobile device, including the SIM
  • Silent, out-of-band authentication with the SDK
  • Behavioral biometrics for high-risk use cases

Mobile Auth™

  • Built on core network infrastructure and is highly secure.
  • Works silently in the background and is frictionless to the end-user.

Instant Link™

  • Utilizes both passive and active authentication to create a more secure alternative to SMS OTP (NIST-compliant).


  • Covers most customers (~90%+ of a given customer base can generally receive SMS communications).
  • Voice OTP:
  • Pass Rates primarily dependent upon customer answer (~80-85%)

Trust Score®

  • Analyzes behavioral and phone intelligence signals to provide a measure score of the phone number’s fraud risk and identity confidence, including customers excluded from traditional avenues (e.g., no established credit history, unbanked, younger, etc.).


  • Smooth customer experience increases the number of users who complete authentication
  • Can perform 2-factor authentication with on-device authenticators


  • 1:50,000 false positive rate, on par with physical fingerprints and accurate for authentication use cases