Company Description

ValidSoft delivers proven, industry-leading Voice Biometric solutions with security-grade identity-verification and authentication that prevents fraud, unauthorized access, lost credentials, and deep-fake attacks while dramatically reducing operational costs and seamlessly improving the customer experience.

We are also an industry-leading security solutions provider, operating at the intersection of telecommunications and cyber security. Our pedigree is as a multi-factor authentication and security solutions provider and we have spent many years understanding the sophisticated challenges of cyber-fraud, particularly in relation to payments. ValidSoft is unique in the Voice Biometric market in that it is not solely a Voice Biometric provider but a security company with an omni-channel, multi-factor authentication platform, of which its proprietary Voice Biometric engine forms one factor.

All of ValidSoft’s technology is proprietary, enabling us to specifically tune and tailor our solutions to the context and application of use. ValidSoft recognises that the fraud and security landscapes evolve rapidly, and that organizations must apply this technology to their customer services to continue to keep them safe. To deliver value to our customers, we must continually innovate and be forward-thinking in our approach to the security solutions and technology we develop.

ValidSoft have been delivering security solutions into Government, Financial Services and Global Enterprise industry verticals for many years. To enable this, our security solutions have undergone substantial independent evaluations to ensure the performance and security continue to be industry-leading. This includes external accreditation by internationally acclaimed cybersecurity laboratories and extensive data privacy compliance audits. We are the only security company in the world with4 European Data Protection and Privacy Seals, issued by the independent EuroPriSe™, including a Seal for √IP® Voice.

Products and Services

ValidSoft has developed its market-leading Voice Biometric Platform which is an adaptive security platform which uses Voice Biometrics and Out-of-Band authentication at its core with the ability to secure multiple channels either simultaneously or independently. These capabilities can also be used as standalone services. By combining Voice Biometric authentication with spoken One Time Passcodes, we have developed Precision Biometrics – the world’s strongest voice-based authentication solution.

Voice biometrics provides the perfect balance of security and user experience and has proven itself with over 40 years of academic research. ValidSoft can provide this as a static phrase (active voice biometrics) or free-flowing, conversational, speech (passive voice biometrics). We can also perform continuous passive authentication over conversational or intent driven free speech (with live-agents, or AI-based chatbots). We can assert identity in as little as 1.4 seconds of speech (Active) and 3.5 seconds of conversational speech audio (Passive). Leveraging ValidSoft’s Voice Biometric Platform , we have developed several innovative and industry leading products and services:

ValidSoft √IP® Conversational Voice

ValidSoft √IP® Conversational Voice delivers unparalleled accuracy in conversational Voice Biometrics. This allows your customer to authenticate themselves by simply using natural speech for both enrollments and authentications. This mode is often used in call centers as a replacement for a series of security questions with the authentication being transparent to the caller.

ValidSoft √IP® Active Voice (includes IVR Voice)

ValidSoft √IP® Active Voice delivers the highest levels of Identity Assurance using Text Dependent or a defined-passphrase mode, which is where a specific, typically short, phrase is used for enrollment and for authentication. Using a well-chosen phrase gives strong biometric performance and a good user experience in scenarios where they would previously have used a weak PIN or forgettable password.

ValidSoft √IP® Precision Voice

ValidSoft √IP® Precision Voice combines a voice biometric authentication of a user (proving they are, who they say they are), with a secure, spoken, One-Time-Passcode (OTP). The combination of verifying the identity and confirming the Out-of-Band OTP, provides an undefeatable security model.  This product is used to provide true security-grade payment transaction authentication and higher levels of Liveness Validation (and non-repudiation), ensuring only a genuine “Live” customer is being verified or enrolled.

ValidSoft √IP® Secure Voice Enterprise

ValidSoft √IP® Secure Voice Enterprise enables Enterprises to apply Voice Biometric authentication to their Enterprise Remote Access and solutions requiring secured access. It enables Enterprise to de-couple themselves from passwords and to leverage their employees and associates’ voices to provide strong and scalable security.

ValidSoft √IP® Secure Voice Reset

ValidSoft √IP® Secure Voice Reset provides a cost-effective and scalable solution to manage Password Resets. It enables customers to perform password resets securely without the need to involve service desk interactions, reducing costs through automation of an expensive and manual process.

ValidSoft √IP® Secure Voice Commerce

ValidSoft √IP® Secure Voice Commerce is the next generation of authentication for Conversational Commerce. It delivers PCI-compliant Identity Assurance using short-utterance, natural speech which is specifically focused on Conversational Commerce and Voice Intent style interaction with high growth Smart Device and Automotive applications.

Key Differentiators

ValidSoft offers the world’s fastest, most accurate and precise voice biometrics authentication and identification platform√IP® Voice. It works as a highly scalable solution in public or private Cloud deployments, SaaS, On-Premise and in edge-computing/On-Device and embedded deployments –  and is truly Omni-Channel, with consistent high-security and high-performance. ValidSoft’s VIP® technology differentiates itself on three strategic pillars; Precision & Accuracy (Security), Data Privacy & Protection (Integrity) and Omni-Channel Excellence (Consistent Experience & Future Proofing).

ValidSoft’s Voice Biometric technology has been independently evaluated and has been demonstrated to be up to 10 times more accurate than our closest competitors. Our proprietary AI/machine learning algorithms set us apart and enable us to lead the industry in the commercial ability to detect “replay attacks” and “synthetic speech” (deep fake audio). ValidSoft’s Voice Biometrics performance has been validated with rigorous third-party testing, demonstrating it to be a world-leading, commercial biometric engine and platform. As part of our commitment to ongoing innovation and excellence, ValidSoft’s team of industry recognised Speech Scientists continually develop the technology alongside ongoing collaboration with our academic research partners. ValidSoft has developed its Voice Biometrics specifically to meet the needs of businesses with stringent security requirements, including the Financial Services and Government sectors.

ValidSoft has always understood the importance of data privacy and adopted a privacy-by-design approach, which influenced the very inception of our products. ValidSoft is the only security company in the world with four EuroPriSe® data protection and data privacy ‘Seals’ – supported by the European Union, and guaranteeing full compatibility of our solutions with GDPR, as well as other privacy frameworks such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, BIPA, and specialized security requirements such as those for HIPAA, PSD2 and Vectors of Trust. Such compliance is mandatory when dealing with sensitive authentication access to health records, financial data and other privacy sensitive data. We understand Data Privacy and invest to ensure we not only meet but exceed any global privacy regulations and security standards. The EuroPriSe™ Privacy Seals ensure our products are in complete compliance with GDPR and we have also demonstrated compliance with privacy laws in other leading jurisdictions including: USA, Brazil, Mexico, China, Russia, Australia, South Africa, among others.

ValidSoft defines its Precision Voice Biometrics as true “security grade” technology, a classification that we believe none of our competitors can match.