Company Description

Verint helps the world’s most iconic brands – including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies – build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data and experiences across the enterprise. The Verint Customer Engagement portfolio draws on the latest advancements in AI and analytics and an open cloud architecture to help customers close The Engagement Capacity Gap™.

Verint offers two fraud and security solutions. Verint Adaptive Fraud is based on insight gained from operating one of the largest hosted IVRs in North America. It includes behavioral analytics and network intelligence capabilities to identify fraudulent calls alongside their Sentry watchlist, which identifies at-risk accounts enabling customers to achieve risk-based self-service and call routing. Verint Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection uses voice biometrics and is rooted in their call recording technology, tightly integrated with their agent desktop and back-office applications.

Products and Services

Verint Adaptive Fraud can capture activities fraudsters perform in the IVR that are precursors to fraud attacks (e.g. validating, testing, probing, re-pinning, address changes, telephone number changes, etc.). It also captures behaviors displayed by legitimate callers. This capability helps call center live agents extend higher degrees of service as they can be sure they are interfacing with a legitimate caller. The reduction in Average Handle Time can be significant when agents are able to quickly ascertain that the caller is legitimate, reducing both Telco and IVR costs.

  • Robust analytics drive higher adoption of voice channel self-service, live agent efficiencies, voice channel automation and “best skill” agent routing
  • SaaS voice channel analytics solution deployed to verify legitimate callers and detect and stop fraud in the IVR in real-time
  • Captures and scores characteristics from phone calls and combines with historical and real time behavioral analysis in the IVR
  • Ability to disposition in real-time the IVR caller based upon a threat risk-score (numeric and scaled low to high) and blacklists
  • Identifies in real time, accounts under attack by fraudsters for quick disposition e.g. suspension of account
  • Robust analytics can be leveraged with other channels (e.g. live agent, web and mobile channels)

Verint Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection leverages recorder-embedded voice biometrics to authenticate callers faster, more easily, and more securely than traditional methods of authentication, while providing high levels of accuracy. It can passively screen calls in the contact center against dynamically updated databases of customer and fraudster “voiceprints” — digital representations of a person’s voice that are unique to each individual. Screening is performed in real time, without disrupting the customer experience for legitimate callers. By minimizing or removing the need for authentication questions that often frustrate callers, the solution can help contact centers deliver a better customer experience. It can also help enhance security by deterring professional fraudsters, who often defeat security questions and passphrases using a combination of social engineering, personal data found online, and repeat calls. This identity analytics solution is a complete, fully integrated suite for end-to-end authentication and fraud detection in contact centers. Its functionality can also be licensed as discrete applications that address each of these areas independently:

  • Recognizes unique vocal characteristics, or “voiceprint,” of enrolled customers seconds into a live call, helping reduce the number of security questions—and average handle times.
  • Uses voice biometrics to identify professional fraudsters on calls by storing a database of known fraudster voiceprints. Fraudsters can be detected even if they answer security questions and dupe agents. This can significantly increase fraud detection rates in your contact center.

Key Differentiators

  • Verint Fraud Portfolio: The portfolio is robust and provides mid-size to extremely large enterprises with layers of complementary biometric solutions that protect the full customer journey; Unique to other self-service layers of fraud protection, Verint Adaptive Fraud leverages real-time caller behavior analytics to score threat risk of the caller.
  • Dual screening of calls for both identity authentication and fraud detection in a single solution and uniquely combines this with conversational indicators to provide enhanced security and agent guidance.
  • Application of behavioral analytics within the IVR in real-time provide the ability to take special action based on an assessed threat level; Predictive fraud engine combines complex data mining with immediate call dispositioning within the IVR.