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Company Description

Voice Biometrics Group (or “VBG”) is a tight-knit team who has been working together for years to build the best voice biometric technology and delivery systems. Our technology platforms are currently operating in 13 countries, supporting over 40 different languages and dialects for our clients and partners worldwide.

Founded in August 2009, VBG is 100% private (employee-owned), debt-free, and profitable. Our main office is located in Newtown PA, but we have team members throughout the Eastern US and also have a growing network of partners operating globally.

VBG is fully committed to providing to the best possible voice biometric software and delivery systems, excellent customer service, and honesty and integrity throughout your engagement with us. We will provide you with expert advice, appropriate deployment options, and simple and fair pricing plans. We will make it EASY for you to do business with VBG!

Products and Services

The VBG Platform

At the heart of all VBG service offerings is the VBG Platform. The VBG Platform is an advanced collection of voice biometric and related functional modules, made available via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. It features multiple voice biometric engine algorithms, intelligent voice biometric functions, a highly scalable database, numerous APIs, plug-ins and adapters for many common platforms, sophisticated GUI-based administration to setup and manage deployments, and a number of logging, reporting, and alerting functions. It’s a complete platform that takes care of everything you need, allowing you to focus on your business needs.

Clients and partners purchase one of VBG’s main service offerings, all of which sit on the VBG Platform and expose different features or functionality. These offerings are:

VBG Enterprise™

VBG Enterprise™ is our flagship offering for clients and partners needing premise, private cloud, or public cloud deployments.

  • Every module, function, plug-in, and adapter we offer is included
  • Available as a subscription, a license, or with hybrid pricing

VBG Pro™

VBG Pro™ is our fully managed offering, hosted in VBG’s High Availability U.S. datacenters. It’s perfect for providing high-scale, reliable, and cost-effective enrollment and verification functionality to your applications, regardless of industry or use case.

  • Most modules and plug-ins are available
  • Available as a monthly subscription only

VBG Authentication Plug-Ins™

To assist with common Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) deployment strategies, we’ve created a set of plug-ins and adapters to enable MFA with voice biometrics in several popular usage environments, such as: Microsoft ADFS, RADIUS Server, and Windows Credential Provider.

  • VBG can provide stand-alone services, or these can be combined with VBG Enterprise™ or VBG Pro™
  • Available with monthly subscription or hybrid pricing plans

VBG Authenticator™

VBG Authenticator™ is a “mobile push” app designed for Apple and Android phones. It works in conjunction with a client’s VBG Enterprise™ or VBG Pro™ deployment to enable the “something you are” factor for authorized mobile devices.

Key Differentiators

VBG Value

No single item will put VBG at the top of your list when considering multiple voice biometric vendors. After all, most voice biometric vendors are using very similar deep learning algorithms, offer similar core functionality, and have many of the same deployment options. The real value to VBG comes when you combine multiple factors relative to competitors:

State-of-the-Art Core Voice Biometric Technology

  • VBG offers ALL commonly used functions (enroll, verify, identify, classify, etc.) in its platform, as well as many advanced features such as model adaptation, unlimited fraudster DBs, liveness and spoof detection, and other anti-fraud features. In addition to our own team, we sponsor a PhD lab in a Tier 1 U.S. Research University — giving us continued access to the very latest theories and advancements in the field.

Unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Delivery Model

  • VBG’s team began designing SaaS platforms for voice biometrics back in 2006, long before many of our competitors even existed. We are enterprise-grade and feature highly available, scalable, reliable, and secure operations. We also offer numerous third-party plug-ins and adapters to make integration with many popular platforms a breeze. And, we can deploy anywhere (premise, public cloud, private cloud), with any common server OS (Linux or Windows) and with any server technology (hard iron or VMs). We literally have everything you need except for your specific business logic.

Significant Deployment and Data Modeling Experience

  • VBG’s core team has been together since 2006. We have significant, real-world, hands-on experience with voice biometrics deployments around the globe, across many industries and use cases, and modalities. And throughout our 14+ years together, we’ve amassed a significant amount of speech data to help us create highly accurate models in many languages.

Comprehensive Data Security and Compliance

  • VBG’s system was designed from the ground up with data security and privacy in mind. We have much discipline around data storage, retention, and compliance (GDPR, CCPA, etc.). We feature a 100% anonymous data model and use AES-256 encryption for any data that is considered PII (such as speech samples and voiceprints). And, we have built-in consent management that allows opt-in/out-out decisions throughout the life of a user voiceprint. And GDPR end user rights management is also built-in to allow secure, self-serve access.

Feature-Rich, Value-Driven Offering

  • VBG has ALL meaningful capabilities of Tier 1 providers, but we provide them with Tier 2 value. Our software prices, installation services, and other professional services are easy to understand and are fairly priced.

Easy To Do Business With VBG

  • Our extremely flexible platform meets almost any conceivable business need. We provide free hosted trials/POCs and development support, and expert assistance post-sale. And, there is never any vendor lock-in.