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Company Description

VoiceIt provides a face and voice biometrics platform combined with secured data storage and transfer that empowers you to rapidly build and deploy security solutions. Whatever your integration needs, we remove traditional obstacles to entry by providing a secure platform at a reasonable cost.

Products and Services

VoiceIt Technologies has been a trailblazer in the voice biometric field since providing the industry’s first online Voiceprint Portal. Along this journey, VoiceIt has integrated its top-of-the-line Multi-Modal Multi-Engine Biometrics and new Liveness Services to reduce fraud and increase security stability within companies of all sizes.

The latest addition is incorporating state-of-the-art Cyber Resilience technology into its Data Transfer and Storage systems.

Biometric Security

  • Voice Biometrics Voice Biometrics is an integrated multi-engine identification and verification solution. Providing a Second-Factor of Authentication security in a simple-to-use format with minimal friction.
  • Video Biometrics Video (Face + Voice) Biometrics is an integrated multimodal and multiengine identification and verification solution. Providing advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security in a simple-to-use format with minimal friction.

Cyber Resilience

It is the leading edge of Cyber Security and Privacy Protection, safeguarding data from hackers so it can’t be seen, stolen, or locked. Whether it’s Access systems, transmission methods, backend storage solutions, or anywhere data is stored or transferred, VoiceIt has you covered.

Designed to keep mission critical infrastructures operational in any situation, VoiceIt’s Cyber Resilience technology provides enhanced data protection that comes with the added benefit of meeting all Privacy Policies worldwide.

Available On-Premises and Private Cloud

By providing our services via On-Premises and Private Cloud, you always own your data without needing to worry about relevant data and privacy laws or regulations.

  • On-Premises installation is available for customers that have internal DevOps capable of maintaining a Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Private Cloud installation is available via AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

Key Differentiators

VoiceIt’s Cyber Resilience provides End-To-End protection that enhances your current Cyber Security by protecting your user data and access to it via VoiceIt’s top-of-the-line Multi-Modal Multi-Engine Biometrics approach.