Unleashing the Power of Voice Biometrics: Overcoming Challenges and Driving Adoption – Modern Security Community Roundtable

Matt Smallman
Matt Smallman
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30 May 2024

Security is crucial in the digital era, particularly for safeguarding sensitive data and delivering a smooth customer contact center experience. Voice biometrics has become an effective security solution, providing a convenient and distinctive method to verify callers’ identities. At a recent Modern Security Community roundtable, industry professionals discussed various aspects of implementing voice biometrics. Their conversation highlighted the risks of synthetic voice attacks, ways to increase adoption rates, and methods to enhance security for all customers.

These sessions are very useful. It’s reassuring to hear others talk about similar challenges and find ways to address them together.

Voice Biometrics Authentication Lead – Big 4 Bank

Confronting Synthetic Voice Attacks

One of the primary challenges discussed during the meeting was the rising threat of synthetic voice attacks. These attacks involve the creation of artificial voices that mimic real individuals, posing a significant threat to voice biometric systems. The attendees acknowledged the media hype surrounding this issue risks exaggerating the threat and emphasised the importance of educating stakeholders about the relative risks of synthetic voice attacks compared to traditional authentication methods. By providing a clear understanding of the risks and implementing robust countermeasures, organisations can effectively detect and prevent such attacks. Collaboration among AI vendors was also highlighted as a crucial requirement to share solutions and best practices, ensuring a united front against this evolving threat.

Driving Adoption of Voice Biometrics

The meeting participants delved into the challenges of promoting voice biometrics to customers and agents. They shared their experiences and strategies to improve adoption rates, emphasising the importance of providing support and best practices to agents. The key requirement is obtaining explicit consent during the enrolment process. By clearly explaining the benefits and addressing any concerns, organisations can increase acceptance rates and drive adoption. Leveraging data and statistics to drive behaviour was another effective approach discussed during the meeting. By analysing the data and identifying patterns, organisations can refine their strategies and tailor their approach to different customer segments. Separating the offer and consent process steps was also highlighted as a way to make the enrolment process more customer-friendly and increase overall acceptance.

Enhancing the Security Experience for All Customers:

The meeting participants engaged in a lively discussion on strategies to enhance the security experience for customers who are not enrolled in voice biometrics. They emphasised the importance of targeting the right customers for enrolment and implementing multi-factor authentication for non-enrolled customers. This approach ensures that even customers who have not enrolled in voice biometrics can still benefit from enhanced security measures. Alternative tokens, such as PINs and app-based methods, were also discussed as a way to provide secure access for non-enrolled customers. By streamlining security processes and exploring emerging technologies, organisations can continually enhance the overall security experience for all customers.


The roundtable on voice biometrics provided valuable insights and perspectives from leading practitioners. The attendees shared their experiences and engaged in a thought-provoking discussion emphasising the importance of education, collaboration, and continuous improvement. By addressing the challenges surrounding synthetic voice attacks, driving the adoption of voice biometrics, and enhancing the security experience for all customers, organisations can harness the power of modern security technologies to provide enhanced security and a seamless customer experience.

As the world continues to evolve, so too does the field of customer security. It is crucial for organisations to stay informed and adapt to emerging threats and technologies. By participating in discussions like these and joining our community dedicated to modern security practices, professionals can stay ahead of the curve and contribute to the ongoing development of these technologies. Together, we can unlock the full potential of powerful technologies to create secure, efficient and seamless customer experiences.

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