Also Known As: Enrollment
Last updated
23 Jun 2023

Enrolment is a step in the registration process where specific utterances are requested from the user or previously acquired audio is used to create a Voice Biometric template (Voiceprint) for subsequent use in Authentication/Identification.

Having obtained consent from the user the Voice Biometric service can now use any previously obtained audio to create a Voice Biometric template (Voiceprint). In the case of services using Text-Dependent Voice Biometrics, it is at this point that the user may be asked to repeat a specified utterance or set of utterances a number of times. In the case of services using Text-Independent Voice Biometrics sufficient audio may already have been obtained during the call but if it hasn’t then audio would normally continue to be captured until it has been. At the point the user’s consent has been given, therefore, it is far from certain whether a Voiceprint will be established and registration successful completed.

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