Passive Voice Biometrics

Last updated
23 Jun 2023

Passive Voice Biometrics authenticates and enrols users without them needing to do anything additional to their reason for calling or interacting with a speech service.

Passive Voice Biometrics authentication often occurs in the call background as the user is speaking to an agent or interacting with a speech-driven application. Because the user is not required to do anything that they would not otherwise have done, we refer to this as Passive.

The genuine user will usually have completed enrolment during registration on a previous interaction with an agent or automated system. The only additional effort required for registration is the provision of consent when this is required.

This approach typically depends on the use of Text Independent Voice Biometrics technology, has higher user acceptance rates but requires longer audio durations for both enrolment and authentication.

Good examples of Passive Voice Biometrics are:

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